Autocomplete textbox from dropdown by jQuery

Using jQuery, we can populate autocomplete text box by the data collected from select box. For example, If we have drop down box which contains 200 entries, we cannot apply autocomplete ...

Autocomplete textbox using jQuery

Let us populate autocomplete textbox using a static array variable using javascript. $(function() { $.extend($.ui.autocomplete.prototype, { _renderItem : function(ul, item) ...

Select function of Autocomplete textbox using jQuery

In autocomplete textbox feature, we can also add our own functionality when any text is selected from autocomplete drop-down using select function. Let us say, we can display one alert ...

Mapping values with autocomplete textbox data by jQuery

Suppose, when selecting a text in autocomplete textbox, if the user needs to perform any database operation, it requires id of the selected text to retrieve corresponding data from ...
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