Find max occurrences in python string

Hi Friend, This is very easy few lines of code in python to find maximum occurrences of characters in string. I hope that no need to explain more about the code here. It clearly tells ...

How to calculate CRC value in python?

Hi Folks, After a long while I’ve found a new solution for CRC calculation in python. For example, if you give input ‘010300000002’ then returned output value will ...

How to exit from loop when any key is pressed in python?

Hi folks, Here is the script for exit from the loop when any key is pressed. It is loop. Don’t try to put this is in while loop. It will make a infinite loop structure. If your ...

How to get Google Analytics data in your Django or Python application?

Hi Friends, Almost I’ve spent half a day for getting ‘Google Analytics’ data to my Django application. It is very easy. There are couple of packages available over ...
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