Struts 2 Environment Setup

Download Struts 2

Download the latest version of Struts 2 from the following link :

I’ve downloaded Struts 2.3.16 when I wrote this tutorial.

Download zip formatted file and ensure following folder structure is present after extracting the zip file.

Struts 2.3.4 Folder Structure

Struts 2.3.4 Folder Structure

Install Apache Tomcat

Download latest apache tomcat from the following location :

Set up the environment variable CATALINA_HOME.


Set up the environment variable by right clicking My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > System Variables > New.

Set CATALINA_HOME in windows

Set CATALINA_HOME in windows

Also include, CATALINA_HOME in PATH environment variable.

Set CATALINA_HOME in PATH environment variable

Set CATALINA_HOME in PATH environment variable


Set up the environment variable using below command:

export CATALINA_HOME="/usr/Apache/Tomcat 5.5"

Install Eclipse IDE

Download latest version of Eclipse-Indigo from the following location:

Set jdk1.6 as default JRE in Eclipse-Indigo by entering JDK1.6 path after clicking Windows > Preferences > Java > Installed JREs.

Platform Requirements

  • Servlet API 2.4
  • JSP API 2.0
  • Java 5

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