How to get Google Analytics data in your Django or Python application?

Hi Friends, Almost I’ve spent half a day for getting ‘Google Analytics’ data to my Django application. It is very easy. There are couple of packages available over ...

How to handle multiple DB in Django?

Hi Friends, Now I am going to share my experience that clearly tells you how to handle multiple databases in your Django projects. Why am I coming here to explain this? We had a client ...

How to customize User Model in Django1.5+?

Hi Friends, Django1.5+ version supports Customized User Model. This is the wonderful feature in Django Auth Framework(for more see release notes). I am giving you very straight codes ...

Region and Region wise Country YAML List for Django fixtures

Hi Friends, Most of the time we spend much time in making Region and Regional wise Country YAML fixtures for Django applications. All the region and country picked from standard region ...
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