ls UNIX Command with more examples

Hi Folks, ls – Command is the most common two letters command for all UNIX users as well as the administrators. In our day today life we might use this ls command at least 10 ...

Unix ‘who’ Command with More Examples

Hi Folks, If you are a Linux or Unix user, few questions are raising in your mind always like How to find time of last system boot? Or how to find who are all logged-in system? etc. ...

All UNIX Commands, Most Frequently Used, Basics and Advanced in One Place

Hi Folks, Now, I come up with topic called ‘All Unix Commands (Basics and Advanced) in One Place. Here, I’ve tried to give all UNIX Commands and it’s description in ...

Unix command for removing specific list of files from a directory

To remove a specific list of files (like .txt, .log, etc.,) from a directory, we can proceed with two ways. 1. Using rm command directly to remove .txt or .log or any kind of specific ...
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