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Techydiary is a diary which is created by Charvigroups.com developers. The purpose of Techydiary.com blog is to pin the thoughts of Techydiary developers that they face during their project development. Techydiary.com concentrates on latest booming technologies like Android, Python, Django, Core Java, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle, MySql, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, etc.

Techydiary.com developers are experts in web based application frameworks like Django , Struts, Spring, Hibernate, E-Commerce retail framework like Bluemartini, Database like Oracle, MySql and UI technologies like Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON.

Developers behind Techydiary.com

Stephen Sebastian who is expert in Python, Django, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON works in an IT-firm. He is a MCA graduate from Loyola College, Chennai. His aim is to share his technical experience and knowledge which he have gained from his project development. He is writing this blog to ease the upcoming developers, from creating an application to deploy an application, creating a DNS for the application, Host the developed application in Web Hosting Servers.

Anitha Rosary Stephen who is expert in Java technologies like Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Bluemartini an E-Commerce Retail Framework, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON works in an IT firm. She is a MCA graduate from Loyola College, Chennai. She co-ordinates with her husband to post her day to day experience from her project development.

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